Liveable Luxe

Our approach
We believe a new home has to strike a complementary balance between form and function to achieve the best living experience - a thoroughly considered case of all show and all go.

Our esteemed architects and interior designers collaborate from project inception and finely tune a holistic vision for each development’s lifestyle direction. From commonly formed project principles, they set the foundation for the seamless integration of what we call “liveable luxe” both inside the home and out.

ORIA SPRING HILL - Render - Kitchen
ORIA SPRING HILL - Render - pool area
Palladium - kitchen
Palladium - Pool
Park Cove Eastern Villas
Serenity 4212 - Main Entrance
Serenity Waters - Park A
Serenity Waters - Park B
Complimentary Colour Palettes
The tones of the natural surrounds always act as a muse for complimentary colour palettes, as are the elegant textures applied to well-considered features, fixtures and finishes.

Classic elegance paired with open connectivity is a signature Keylin design element that welcomes liveable flow with effortless simplicity. True beauty isn’t only found in what you see, it’s inherent in how you feel.