The Human Touch

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Our approach
Our team is personally invested in the locations we develop and the lives we enhance.

Every community we build stems from our vision to seamlessly integrate the natural environment into the homes and neighbourhoods we design. Preserving a “window to nature” is an ethos our team and partners live by under a collaborative philosophy that motivates all of us to strive so home owners thrive.

Our mutual passion
Architects, engineers, specialists and trades are handpicked for each project’s suitability with the unified goal of achieving the highest level of design outcome and build quality.

It's our mutual passion to create industry-leading living spaces. This is how we create iconic lifestyle communities featuring premium, purpose-built properties that stand the test of time.

“At Bugden Allen Lawyers, our mission is to provide innovative legal services and smart technology that helps people design, build, manage, and enjoy living in better communities. We take pride in being a business that consistently creates excellence through innovation and find Keylin share and actively deliver on these shared principles.  

Together Bugden Allen Lawyers and Keylin are forging ahead of the curve using our OPEX digital contract solution to provide buyers with a seamless, paper-free purchase process that is efficient and stress-free.  

Through our hands-on nature and mutual results focus, the Bugden Allen Lawyers - Keylin partnership is committed to delivering better legal outcomes and sustainable communities.,”  
Gary Bugden - Partner - Bugden Allen Lawyers