August 16, 2022
2-24 Sep - The float away hit of Brisbane Festival 2021 is back!

Brisbane's Art Boat returns for a celestial floating art experience featuring the work of internationally renowned visual artist Lindy Lee.

The Spheres takes its cue from Ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, who speculated that celestial bodies caused vibrations as they coursed majestically through the heavens. Just as the vibrations of harp strings cause musical notes to reverberate, moons, stars and planets also reverberate to create harmonic sounds. Pythagoras termed this the ‘Music of the Spheres’.  

Brisbane's Art Boat features the city's most unique on-water bar and performance program, with a curated program that responds to the artwork, including an evocative soundscape by Yuggera and Turrbal man and Tribal Experiences Managing Director, Shannon Ruska and a specially commissioned sound work from Lawrence English. Lindy’s stunning installation also features lighting design by Daniel Anderzipf.

Brisbane-born Lindy Lee is one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists. Lindy states that “The Spheres is a celebration of harmony and joy, a symphony of connection and inclusiveness that will entangle Brisbane’s community and breathe life into its sails”.

This year, Brisbane’s Art Boat will embark on special midnight and dawn cruises as well as a mindfulness program. Brisbane’s Northshore will transform into an immersive riverfront hub for Brisbane Festival. As the sun sets, the precinct will be enlivened with performances, a pop-up riverside bar and tasty eats.

Open sessions return on Tuesday evenings, where audiences can experience the stunning installation The Spheres whilst the Art Boat is docked.

When & Where: 2-24 Sep, Northshore Brisbane - Home of Brisbane's Art Boat and South Bank.

Price: From $40

For more information and online booking please visit: Brisbane’s Art Boat | Brisbane Festival 2022 - Brisbane Festival