How Keylin's Core Values Underscore Projects

October 14, 2021
At Keylin, our values of honesty, integrity, and performance are at the heart of everything we do. Thank you to The Urban Developer for this great overview of the people, and values, that bring our projects to life.
Serenity Waters Park 1

Since 2015, Keylin has transformed residential living, from the city to the outer suburbs and beyond.

Its success is underpinned by its three core values of honesty, integrity and performance which, they say, ensures every project is delivered to impeccable standards.

“They’re fairly basic values but unfortunately, in this day and age, we tend to miss the basics sometimes and overcomplicate ourselves,” Keylin founder and managing director Louis Cheung said.

“We talk to everyone authentically and that’s how we communicate. In terms of integrity, we’re very proud of what we’re doing; we treat ourselves with integrity and we treat others with integrity as well. Performance is the certainty of goods and services that you’re getting from us and our capability to deliver.”

In this way, Keylin says it has elevated itself in the property development market, with investors enjoying positive capital growth and high rental yields.

For Cheung and his team, attention-to-detail in every aspect of any project is essential to its success.

“When we do all the right things for our project, and we design, execute and deliver the right development, we have been able to build communities that do enhance people’s living habits and their lives,” he said.

Cheung said Keylin’s success was made possible by the talented and hardworking team of experts that supports him.

“As you know in our industry, it’s a long journey from purchasing the site to handing over the final set of keys to our owners,” Cheung said.

“I’m very grateful that we have a very strong team and this is something we’re very proud of. We hire based on our core values as opposed to skills or specific talent we need, because I believe that skills can be taught but core values are difficult to obtain.

“We’ve got people from many walks of life, some from smaller companies and some from very large ASX-listed companies.

We’re a diverse team with a mix of cultures and we’re a very good team.”

Together, Cheung and his team have developed residential communities that integrate seamlessly into their surrounding environment and the history of the area.

Each and every Keylin project harnesses a unique design vision that informs and guides planning and construction.

“For example, with the Serenity 4212 project in Helensvale, Queensland, the project vision was actually quite simple,” Cheung said.

“It’s called Serenity because it faces Lake Serenity and the vision was that when you’re coming home, you can feel the serenity.

“That’s why we’ve made conscious decisions in our design to keep all the mature trees onsite, to deliver three private parks, to dedicate 27ha back to the council to preserve the Coombabah wetlands and wildlife. These are all the actions we have executed to make sure that vision is delivered upon.”

Along with its core values and professional team, Keylin’s success is also driven by Cheung’s own affinity for the city of Brisbane, a place where he grew up from the age of nine.

It’s this love for Brisbane that Cheung brings to his vision for the forthcoming ORIA project in Spring Hill, he said.

“I went to school at Brisbane Grammar School, I was a boarder there as well, so I used to walk the streets of Spring Hill very regularly,” he said.

“I just love the area. It’s a forgotten suburb in Brisbane; a hidden little gem because it’s so close to the CBD and it sits on the hill. It’s got a lot of character to it.”

Intimately familiar with the history and architecture of Spring Hill, Cheung says he is determined to imbue ORIA with the same spirit that makes Spring Hill one of Brisbane’s most cherished suburbs.

“We embarked on a design journey very quickly talking to the suburb’s heritage and culture, and that’s an art deco approach,” Cheung said,.

“We can’t replicate art deco, but we can take a modern approach to it.

“Art deco was not just an architectural style, it was a revolution, a social movement. It had its own styling influence on furniture, clothing and jewellery.

“What we set out to achieve with Oria, we saw ourselves as part of that movement.”

Keylin are at the vanguard of Spring Hill’s rejuvenation under a new and updated Neighbourhood Plan that will transform the area into an inner-city residential hub for families and professionals.

As one of the first movers in Spring Hill, Cheung acknowledges the huge responsibility Keylin faces to deliver the project in line with the core values of honesty, integrity and performance.

“I want to make sure my team and I deliver a spectacular project on that location,” he said.

“That’s what ORIA is all about.”

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